Priority Area:

  • Access to Higher and Further Education 
  • Completion of Higher and Further Education
  • Access to the labour market

Objectives: The Youth Online Learning Opportunities (YOLO) project aims to increase the access of refugee and underserved local youth in Lebanon to higher education and the job market through online learning courses and guidance. 

  • To equip students with technical and linguistic tools for more equitable access to jobs across the country, and to fill skills gaps. 
  • To engage students with professionals which will enable them to better understand and adapt to the domestic and international labour market.

Target group: The certificate program is designed for refugees affected by the Syrian crisis and vulnerable Lebanese: 

  • 150 students vulnerable Lebanese and refugees from Syria will directly pursue a blended-learning program, certified by Kiron.
  • Facilitators providing support to the students in their weekly studies
  • More broadly refugees and vulnerable Lebanese who will be offered access to the public workshops and online webinars. 

Project Location: Across Lebanon

Planned Activities: The YOLO project is a comprehensive certificate blended program designed to equip 150 students with both hard and soft skills and the appropriate guidance to enable them to take the next step in their life.

  • Online training of facilitators to prepare them for the live sessions with the students.
  • A three-months blended program and support with a curated curriculum focusing on developing both hard skills and soft skills:
    • Courses preparing students for education and jobs, including digital skills, soft skills and English language proficiency.
    • Courses surrounding self and team organisation to help students cope and thrive in the university setting, thereby reducing the risk of dropout
  • Career Guidance Webinar Series and workshops led by international recruiters and professionals
    • Career advice from professionals in high-demand industries, including healthcare, engineering, education and IT
    • Building an attractive CV and cover letter that best showcases a student’s’ skills
    • Expert guidance on preparing for and succeeding in an interview with an international employer
    • Online professional networking tips and strategy
  • Development of a guide on best practices for educational mentors on how to prepare refugees and vulnerable populations to apply for international employment opportunities
  • Webinar on case studies and key lessons learned
  • Graduation Ceremony 

Students are supported by peers, and receive professional guidance from experts throughout the program. The collaboration allows students to gain knowledge, skills and career orientation,allwithinarelativelycompacttimeframe,andwillimprovetheir prospectstoenterandsucceedinhigherorfurthereducation,orthelabour market.


Kiron Open Higher Education (Kiron)

Kiron Open Higher Education (Kiron) is an EdTech non-profit organisation, founded in 2017 in Lebanon, that combines digital and strategic partnerships, with the mission to enable access to higher education and successful learning for refugees and underserved communities through online and blended learning opportunities.We are education experts, techies, communicators, researchers, and innovators – dedicated to our mission of making high-quality education accessible.

Education changes lives, transforms communities, and builds bridges. That is why Kiron built the digital platform Kiron Campus, to ensure that refugee students and affected local communities receive access to high-quality education for academic, professional and personal growth.Through an innovative model of blended learning, Kiron offers free of charge, tailor-made study programs and short programs curricula clustering Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from renowned educational platforms and Open Educational Resources (OERs) so that refugees and underserved locals can start studying regardless of their asylum status or financial constraints. Our programs on the Kiron Campus are complemented with a wide range of online and offline support services, ranging from language classes to personalized guidance, such as tutorials and mentoring to guide the students in achieving their academic, professional and personal goals.

Currently, we support more than 12,000 digital learners worldwide and more than 600 students in Lebanon, on their pathway to an empowered life, whether towards university or job market opportunities.

Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB)