Safaa Lawand

Hawler Medical University
Syrian living in Erbil

Safaa, 22 years old, from Syria living in Erbil since 2013. Baccalaureus of Midwifery with the support of a HOPES scholarship funded by the EU through the “EU Madad Fund’ at Hawler Medical University

“I am the youngest of my nine brothers and sisters. I come from a middle-income humble family. I love learning and studying since childhood, and my family encouraged me to complete my studies. I faced difficulties with emigration, my nationality during registration and admission to university and the language. Some of my brothers’ friends sponsored me when I was admitted to university. With patience and persistence, I overcame the psychological state of which every emigrant suffers, and language differences. I was ranked 2nd in my field of studies (Midwifery) and was asked by the university to teach there after I graduated, and I did so for a full year, until it was confirmed that Syrians or those who have other nationalities are not allowed to be appointed in Government universities. I got a work opportunity in a local hospital. I hope to achieve higher studies, such as Master’s and Doctoral studies in my field. The HOPES project is dedicated to helping refugees both financially and morally. Many thanks to all the support it is giving to students. My message to other students facing the same difficulties is to not stop studying despite all the circumstances.”

By Safaa Lawand