Aya Chaker

Helwan University
Business – Accounting
Syrian living in Egypt

Aya, 21 years old, from Syria living in Egypt, since November 2012. Bachelor’s in Business and Accounting with the support of a HOPES scholarship funded by the EU through the ‘EU Madad Fund’ at Helwan University

“I have two sisters, one brother and we live together with my father. I have completed my primary and middle education in Syria, and continued secondary and university studies in Egypt I chose to study Business and Accounting because of its broad areas and wider opportunities. During my studies, I mostly faced the challenge to adapt to the education methodology and curriculum, which is different from the one in Syria. This has affected me negatively. However, I overcame these challenges with perseverance and by studying with all means. The HOPES scholarship has borne my financial burdens, which pushed me into intensifying my efforts and excelling and I have completed my years of study with excellence and success, and dug deeper in my field of specialization. I plan to look for a job opportunity that will allow me to apply what I have learned throughout my four years of studies. I seek to work hard and develop my skills which will allow me to prepare for my own private project related to my field of specialization, from which I would benefit and that would serve others. To other students facing the same difficulties I encourage them to pursue education whatever the difficulties, and one must inevitably strive to reach their goal.”

By Aya Chaker