The Moasat “SUCCESS” Hub – Sustainable and Collaborative Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship Support


Priority Area:

  • Access to Higher and Further Education
  • Completion of Higher and Further Education
  • Access to the Labour Market


The Moasat “SUCCESS” Hub project aims to build a network with small satellites within schools, universities and municipality, working together to increase student educational achievements and staff capacity building to ensure sustainable livelihoods in Lebanon. 

The project seeks to: 

  • Build effective educational pathways within public/private school structures; 
  • Promote mental health and well-being support within higher education institutions
  • Create an effective multi-stakeholder mechanism that facilitates the transition from student life to employment or entrepreneurship. This will be done by linking schools and universities with the private sector, the municipality and NGOs to work together in the transition to the job market.

Target group:

  • 850  Lebanese, Syrian and other refugee students students and fresh graduates and employees of educational institutions between the ages of 16 and 23 
  • Staff members of schools and technical institutes, universities and municipalities 

Project Location: Saida, South, Lebanon 

Planned Activities: To achieve the project’s objectives, the following activities will be implemented 

  • Building effective educational pathways within public/private school structures 
    • Training of  staff from public, private and technical schools on successful  guidance tools and educational pathways 
    • Establishment or enhancement of 5 guidance offices at schools and institutes 
    • Development of a guidance manual 
    • Information sessions and launching of guidance offices 
    • Guidance events implemented by guidance offices 
    • Creation of an online application for schools/ institutes-based guidance offices and Moasat SUCCESS Hub 
  • Promoting mental health and well-being support within higher education institutions
    • Training of staff members from 3 universities in Saida 
    • Establishment or enhancement of mental health offices at 3 higher education institutions in Saida  
    • Mapping of mental health providers  
    • Creation of an online communication tool for seeking PSS (psychosocial support) 
    • Awareness raising events and information campaigns 
  • Development of a multi-stakeholder mechanism facilitating the transition from student life to employment or entrepreneurship 
    • Creation of a SUCCESS Hub at Moasat premises which provides services and linkages to employment and entrepreneurships 
    • Training of university and municipal staff on employment and entrepreneurship support and guidance 
    • Establishment / enhancement of employment and entrepreneurship satellites at universities and municipalities common actions 
    • Employment and entrepreneurship common events implemented by universities and the SUCCESS Hub
    • Seed funding competition for graduating students 



Al Moasat is a non-profit association accountable of charity, culture, social activities, health, education, production and training workshops that deal with community service. Al Moasat is located and serves the eastern side of Saida city which is one of Lebanon’s most disadvantaged communities. As result of continuous conflicts, poverty, socio-economic problems and displacement, the community suffers of low socio-economic status, gender discrimination, and unemployment.

Al Moasat has 125 employees of whom the vast majority are female caregivers who are heads of their households. The Association started in the 1956’s crisis as a free clinic and in the early 80’s, Al Moasat founded a center for diabetes in cooperation with the Lebanese Society of Diabetes. In 1992 it established its own building that includes its various departments and activities.