Priority Area:

  • Access to the labour market

Objectives: The Software Engineering Factory (SE Factory) is a coding program under the Nawaya Network that develops the coding skills and soft skills of underprivileged youth in Lebanon and prepares them for the labour market. The objective of the project is to train youth to build and develop their coding skills with the aim to get them employed as web developers

Target group: 260 Lebanese and Syrian youth, from low-income backgrounds, in Lebanon with 40% of them being female.

Project Location: Across Lebanon

Planned Activities:

Since 2016, the SE Factory has trained more than 500 Lebanese and refugee youth and organized 12 bootcamps leading to 90 % of the graduates having been recruited as full-stack web developers. The high-quality web development training revolves around two main courses “The Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp” and “The Foundations Of Computer Science Course”. 

  • Outreach and selection of students 
  • 6-week part-time online Beginners Computer Science Courses (FCS) on the foundations of Computer Science
  • Intensive one-month English course 
  • Six 14-week full-time Advanced Bootcamps of Full-Stack Web (FSW) Development Course 
    • Theoretical and practical coding training 
    • Soft and employability skills
    • Development of a functional website or application
  • Presentation of the final projects by graduates during a virtual event with local and international employers
  • Follow-up and connection with employers 


The Nawaya Network is an NGO based in Lebanon focused on developing the income-generating potential of youth from marginalized backgrounds, via three key areas: entrepreneurship, employability, and economic development. Since 2012, the network has supported over 6,000 Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian youth across the country.

SE Factory is a social enterprise that develops the coding skills of youth from low-income backgrounds. Our program focuses on building their tech skills and soft skills, and upon graduation, connects them to employers both locally and globally. 90% of our graduates have found jobs, and 50% are currently remotely working from Lebanon for companies based abroad.