Priority Area:

  • Acces to Higher and Further Education
  • Access to the Labour Market


The Labour Market Integration 12-months project aims to enhance access to ‎Labour Market to the most vulnerable Lebanese and Syrians living in South ‎Lebanon, in addition to specialised institutional capacity building approach with private schools and teachers. 

The project seeks to: 

  • foster youth employment; 
  • reduce barriers of ‎access to the labour market;
  • enhance the career readiness and employment ‎placement services; 
  • promote active involvement of youth in their ‎communities and reduce tensions between Lebanese and refugees.‎ 

Target group:

  • 300 vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian youth between the ages of 15 and 24 
  • 10 private schools, 30 teachers in South of Lebanon. 

Project Location: South, Lebanon 

Planned Activities: To achieve the project’s objectives, the following activities will be implemented 

  • Institutional needs assessment with 10 Schools in Tyre, Nabatieh, Saida, Marjeyoun-Beint jbeil 
  • Capacity building programme, coaching and training with 30 teachers to deliver quality English language courses, preparatory courses for students and orientation to students in grades 10,11 and 12.
  • Outreach and selection of 300 vulnerable youth to participate in the ‎project activities 
  • Certified 6-months trainings ‎cycle programme focusing on the development of essential, transferable job skills such as:
    • English language
    • Problem solving and critical thinking
    • Teamwork,
    • Time management,
    • Career readiness (writing resumes and cover letters, mapping job vacancies, applying for jobs, preparing for interviews)
    • Computer skills including sending professional emails, beginners’ level in Microsoft Office;
  • Provision of internship and on-the-job training in ‎the private sector to 30 youth
  • Provision of volunteering opportunities in ‎humanitarian organizations to 30 youth
  • Training workshops on Life Skills and ‎Conflict Resolution to 300 youths 
  • Development, coaching and implementation of youth initiatives 
  • Organisation of a job fair linking youth to the labour market



The Social, Humanitarian, Economical Intervention for Local Development (SHEILD) Association was established in 2010 and aims at bringing relief, assistance and development to the population in general and to those who are marginalized and deprived from governmental health services, social care, economic assistance, and protection.

In order to achieve its mission, SHEILD Association provides direct assistance and community-based interventions to enhance human rights, social awareness, economic conditions, access to food and services and protection for marginalized community categories as well as for other inhabitants living in the same intervention areas. SHEILD Association operates through a participatory approach involving coordination between local stakeholders and authorities involving beneficiaries to assess the needs and implement programs that respond to such needs while focusing on the most vulnerable and deprived communities.

About Saint Joseph University (USJ)

Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (USJ) is a private Lebanese university, founded in 1875 by the Society of Jesus.

USJ’s mission encompasses three main dimensions: research through new knowledge creation, teaching through knowledge transfer, and service through using knowledge in the service of society. More info