Mazen Khaldoun Abou

Alexandria University
Arabic Language
Syrian living in Egypt

Mazen, 28 years old, from Syria living in Egypt since 2012. Bachelor in Arabic Language from Alexandria University. He participated in the HEEAP courses within the HOPES project funded by the EU through the ‘EU Madad Fund’

“I love working on computer since I was a child, I have started off my career as a 3D artist five years ago and I am planning to have my own Animation Company in the future. I studied Arabic Language at the University of Alexandria. I chose this field because I love to learn new languages and to be able to understand other languages, I should be proficient in my native language. I would like to study 3D Animation abroad. And I am going to keep learning English until I master it, then I am going to start learning a new language. The main obstacle I faced is not being able to practice what I have learned, besides the lack of confidence when I speak English. The HEEAP course offered by the HOPES project helped me by giving me the chance to put on practice what I have learned by encouraging and guiding me on how to make a presentation. Through role-plays and doing conversations in the class, I become more confident in speaking English, and it became easier for me to understand English speakers, and that helps me a lot with the online courses and it will give me more choices to find a better job. Language is important for many reasons, like communications, and to take online courses (which is hard to find in Arabic) and to find a better job, for traveling, and to get to know new cultures over the world. My message to other students facing the same difficulties is to never give up and keep going despite whatever you encounter on your way, and when you feel down, remember that if some people could make it, you can make it too.”

By Mazen Khaldoun Abou