Saleh Ajam

Sadat City University
Management and Business Administration
Syrian living in Egypt

Saleh, 20 years old, from Syria living in Egypt since 2013. Bachelor of Management and Business administration at Sadat City University. He participated in the HEEAP courses within the HOPES project funded by the EU through the ‘EU Madad Fund’

“I dislike routine, studying useless things or things that will not help me to improve my skills is something out of my interest. Therefore, I always liked studying English, as it is something essential nowadays. I think I exerted good efforts aiming to improve my English skills. The interactive way of teaching English in the HEEAP courses within the HOPES project was the right solution for helping me overcoming these barriers. The year I spent with HOPES was just a continuous successful journey I had. I feel very glad and grateful for this opportunity. Away from the English language, this successful experience helped me to become more self-confident and to try to push myself to do things I thought I was not capable of. In addition, we got to meet new people and make new friends of whom I am very proud. We are in contact until now although we have not met since October 2018. The teachers and students were cooperative. That was one of the most important factors that made these courses successful. I do not mean to disrespect local teachers or underrate them, but a native speaker can provide a different culture and experience that is extremely useful for teaching. This new culture will not only improve the student’s English but also expand his knowledge. That helps him well to be a part of our current era of openness. My message to other students facing the same difficulties is to make sure that you join the interactive atmosphere that HOPES provides for students. Or try to find such atmosphere wherever you go. It is the best and the fastest method to get rid of those obstacles.”

By Saleh Ajam