Muhammed Haşimi

Istanbul University
Electronic and electrical engineering
Syrian living inTurkey

Muhammed, 27 years old, from Syria and living in Turkey. Electronic and electrical engineering at Istanbul University. He participated in the HEEAP courses within the HOPES project funded by the EU through the ‘EU Madad Fund’

“I am a very positive person, interested in doing new things, love to laugh, play and do the things in the right way. I am studying Electronic and electrical engineering at Istanbul University. I chose this field because since childhood, I was curious about networks and how electrical and electronic devices work. My ambition is to be a software programmer; I might take some courses beside my current studies to improve my software skills. I faced some financial barriers, which hindered my enrolment in a new course, and learn new things and grammar. The HEEAP course within the HOPES project helped me a lot by offering me to learn with native speakers-teachers. They really open new doors for me and helped me develop myself in more than one aspect. Language is the best way to communicate with the world, without language, we could be isolated. My message to other students facing the same difficulties is to keep learning. To keep trying and do not give up until you succeed.”

By Muhammed Haşimi