Abdallah Al Ghuthani

Benha University
Agriculture - Agricultural Economy
Syrian living in Egypt

Abdallah, 28 years old, from Syria living in Egypt since 2011. Master’s in Agricultural Economy with the support of a HOPES scholarship funded by the EU through the ‘EU Madad Fund’ at Benha University

“I chose this field of studies because it helps with the development of the community I grew up in. I was born and raised in a rural village, in a family that relied on agriculture. I had 6 brothers and 4 sisters, in addition to my father and my mother. During the war in Syria, my mother and 2 of my sisters passed away due to war, then my family immigrated to Jordan to seek asylum, where they live in Zaatari camp to date. During my bachelor studies, at the Higher Institute for Agricultural Cooperation in Chabra Al Khaima, I was not able to pay the annual fees, and my father could not send me any money. This pushed me to work in factories at night, so I can go to school during the day. This situation persisted throughout my academic years of Baccalaureus. I overcame the difficulties with perseverance and efforts. I seek to complete my Doctoral studies in Agricultural Economy and I aspire to find a work opportunity that suits my field of studies, and to help others reach their goals. HOPES program has helped me pay the academic fees that I could not ensure and that constitute the only obstacle to completing my academic career. HOPES helped me make my dream a reality. To other students facing the same difficulties, nothing is impossible. Just set the goal you aim to reach, and persevere in achieving it.”

By Abdallah Al Ghuthani