Priority Area: Access to Higher and Further Education 

Objectives: “The High school to higher education transition assistance program for vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian refugee youth in AlDannieh – North Lebanon” project seeks to provide support to vulnerable Lebanese and refugees from Syria enabling them to overcome barriers throughout their educational pathway from secondary to higher education. 

  • To provide an educational support programme to 400 vulnerable Lebanese youth and refugees from Syria.
  • To develop the institutional capacity of AlDannieh Skills Development Center’s(ASDC) teachers, enabling them to provide better quality education and support to secondary school students in accessing higher education

Target group:

  • 400 vulnerable Lebanese and refugees from Syria between the ages of 16 and 24 enrolled at Secondary public schools in AlDannieh, North Lebanon
  • 10 local teachers of AlDannieh Skills Development Center’s(ASDC) teachers, a local Educational institution in AlDannieh area.

Project Location: North Lebanon, Lebanon

Planned Activities:

  • Language and digital skills training courses
  • Preparation for university entrance exams
  • Life skills sessions
  • Career orientation sessions
  • Financial assistance for entrance exam costs
  • Training of Teachers in career guidance


The Project Association for Culture & Development (PAFCAD) aims at improving lives of people by reducing poverty and supporting quality education, agricultural advancement, effective environmental solutions, health awareness, refugee assistance and protection, promotion of human rights and social justice, youth development and the empowerment of women and children. Since its establishment in 2005, PAFCAD has been working in the villages of Minnieh-AlDannieh, North Lebanon and has offered a wide range of services to the local community and Syrian refugees. PAFCAD plays an important role in initiating, convening, bridging, and coordinating different actors to reach sustainable developmental solutions for serving the community needs. PAFCAD reaches out to Syrian refugees and the host community focusing on bridging common grounds, to promote social stability and prevent violence.