Priority Area:

  • Access to Higher and Further Education 
  • Completion of Higher and Further Education
  • Access to the labour market

Objective: GLOWY aims to build a career program customized for students with disabilities to better integrate them within specialized and inclusive schools and universities.

Target group:

  • 60 vulnerable youth, between 16 and 30 years, Lebanese and refugees from Syria in Lebanon with a focus on women and persons with disabilities. 
  • Educational institutions among specialized schools, inclusive schools, and universities
  • Managers, Human Resources, supervisors and practitioners 

Project Location: Across Lebanon

Planned Activities:

The career program customized for students with disabilities will be complementary to the traditional educational program as it provides capacity-building in leadership, social entrepreneurship, work readiness, communication, new technologies for inclusion. It also provides courses for young persons with disabilities (PWDs), women, Lebanese and Syrian refugees with financial challenges on design, AutoCAD, sign language, JAWS and social media.

Additional support will be provided to the students in finding employment opportunities and guiding those who wish to advance in their education.

GLOWY adopts a holistic approach as it will also ensure inclusive recruitment coaching for Human Resources, practitioners and university students in addition to supporting educational institutions by providing a career guidance program tailored for students experiencing disabilities. 

Training sessions will be done through blended activities be it face to face or via online technologies.

  • Capacity advancement of 60 PWDs and women with financial challenges, Lebanese and Syrian for potential employment, with focus on beneficiaries receiving higher education
  •  Establishing connections with companies and outreach to potential candidates
  • Trainings, seminars and / or webinars to 60 candidates on mindset readiness and digital skills
  • Institutional capacity development for 4 educational institutions among specialized schools, inclusive schools, and universities
  • Inclusive capacity building recruitment training for 40 companies: managers, HRs, supervisors and practitioners 
  • Job matching support to 20 trainees 


ShareQ NGO is a Lebanese NGO dedicated to design innovating sustainable social projects in collaboration with different funding institutions, NGOs & Social Enterprises.

ShareQ’s mission is to launch programs and social enterprises that offer innovative products, services while providing solutions for crucial social challenges, with a focus on work inclusion of youth and women with social, financial or physical challenges. In addition, the NGO’s vision is to insure support for  these people so they can overcome social obstacles and lead a productive & dignified life.Since 2012, shareQ implemented training programs to more than 1,000 persons with financial challenges or physical disabilities from different nationalities on work readiness and vocational skills. More than 500 trainees were employed.