Through national stakeholder dialogues and regional policy conferences HOPES will facilitate the development of joint strategies and the coordination of interventions in the higher and further education sector related to the Syrian crisis in the region.

HOPES has launched a series of National Stakeholders Dialogues across Egypt, Northern Iraq (KRI), Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, bringing together representatives from ministries and higher education institutions as well as key institutional stakeholders involved in tertiary education and the Syria crisis.

The National Stakeholders Dialogues seek to provide a platform to discuss various issues relating to: recognition of prior learning, language proficiency, facilitated administrative procedures for Syrian students, employability and prospects for a better-trained youth and the impact of the Syria crisis on the host societies.

Information exchange and discussion will allow for the development and expansion of sustainable solutions for higher education challenges and a greater coordination of national education initiatives for hosting Syrian students.

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Regional Policy Conferences
National Stakeholder Dialogues


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