HOPES provides several hundred full academic scholarships through the HOPES Scholarship Fund to candidates  at different levels: short vocational training, two-year Diploma, Bachelor and Master Degrees.

The objective is to enable refugees of post-secondary age from Syria and young people in the host communities in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to continue their higher and further education in local institutions.

The HOPES scholarship covers up to two years of post-graduate education. It is designed for refugees from Syria and vulnerable youth in the host countries aged under 32. A HOPES scholarship is granted to candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria and are selected by the scholarship committees in each country. The HOPES scholarship covers the annual registration and tuition fees of the local institution as well as a living allowance covering basic expenses, such as food and local travel during the semester. Extension to the second year is subject to the demonstration of satisfactory performance during the first year of the enrolled study program.

The HOPES Scholarship program is implemented in partnership with the DAFI-UNHCR program. 

To date, 620 full scholarships have been granted for Syrian students and young vulnerable youth in host communities for studies at different universities in Egypt, Iraq – Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

For more information, write to Scholarships@hopes-madad.org

Q & A

The information below is designed to give supplementary details for students.
Please note that the responses below may not cover all eventualities as each person’s circumstances are different. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Who can apply for HOPES scholarships?

    To be eligible to apply for a HOPES scholarship, a candidate must:

    1. Be a refugee from Syria
    2. Currently residing in (Jordan, Lebanon, Tureky, N. Iraq, or Egypt)
    3. Be under 32 years old
    4. Hold a valid refugee permit issued by UNHCR
    5. Have successfully completed a bachelor degree from a recognized university with at least a good average
    6. Have no other financial means of support for obtaining HOPES scholarship
    7. Not be a current beneficiary of any other academic scholarships.

  • What type of help is provided?

    This scholarship covers the following for two years:

    1. Annual registration/tuition fees
    2. Living allowance covering basic expenses, such as food and local travel during the semester.

  • Are the scholarships only available in the host community?

  • What degree does the scholarship covers?

    1. The scholarship mainly covers Master degree programs (except medical ones)
    2. In Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt, Bachelor students who have two years left for graduation can apply for the scholarship.

  • What are the main documents that I need to submit to apply for the scholarship?

    The documents needed to apply for the scholarship are:

    1. HOPES application form
    2.  A recent photograph
    3. A copy of passport (if available)
    4. A copy of UNHCR Asylum seeker certificate or proof of registration in UNHCR
    5. A copy of high school diploma
    6. A photocopy of Bachelor degree transcript and certificate
    7. Registration at university and transcripts

  • Where can I find the application form?

    You can find the application form either electronically on the website or as a hard copy at HOPES and UNHCR offices
  • What are the selection and eligibility criteria?

    The selection of successful candidates depends of several procedures:

    1. If the applicant meets the criteria mentioned in question (1)
    2. If the applicant shows his/her competency English Language.
    3. If the applicant succeeds in the final interview with HOPES selection committee

  • Do I need to have IELTS, TOEFL test to apply for the scholarship?

    It depends on the universities regulations in each countries
  • Can I apply if I will graduate during the summer?

    Yes, you can. You only need to provide us with a certificate that proves that you will graduate in the summer and a copy of your transcript.
  • Is this scholarship available also for host community?

    Host community applicants will have a different announcement and will have different conditions.
  • Where can I find more details about the announcement?

    More details about the announcement in each country can be found in the section above. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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