Higher Education English Access Programme HEEAP

In Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, HOPES is offering university-aged refugees from Syria and local students one hundred hours of English training and English certification through partnerships with universities and other educational institutions.

The courses are designed by the British Council but delivered in and by the staff of partner institutions. The aims of the programme are to give students the English they need to complete their degrees, start new academic degree programmes and contribute to the reconstruction of Syria post-conflict. Seventy per cent of course participants are refugees from Syria and thirty per cent are local, as selected by the institution and HOPES.


Course details

Courses are delivered by teachers selected by the institution and HOPES who receive training and support in delivering the programme.

Classes have no more than 25 students and include 100 hours of class time, plus around 40 hours of online study by the student in their own time.

Students are tested prior to entry on the course, and on completion take a full British Council Aptis test, which they can use to show potential employers and education providers.

For more information, write to HEEAP@hopes-madad.org


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