Transferring E-Business Fundamentals to Syrian Refugees (TEFSR)

Transferring E-Business Fundamentals to Syrian Refugees (TEFSR)

Yarmouk University

TEFSR program aims to provide refugees from Syria with the necessary skills to start and operate e-commerce businesses using latest open source tools and web technologies. These skills are essential to allow refugees to pursue several web and commerce related higher education degrees in both ICT and economic colleges, or/and start their own businesses. TEFSR implements two courses that cover web and e-commerce subjects that are tailor-made to ensure the compatibility of the program with Syrian refugees educational and cultural background. Training-for-trainers sessions will be given to a chosen group of students to ensure the sustainability of the project. All project materials will be available to students and other interested parties through a bilingual website that also advertises the program activities and events. The course will encourage attendees to start e-businesses and collaborate with local communities to market their products and improve their income.

Duration of the project: 18 months


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