The Pass To The Higher Education for Refugees (The P.A.T.H ) – Turkey

The Pass To The Higher Education for Refugees (The P.A.T.H )

Bursa Provincial directorate of Education’s project P.AT.H intends to increase the number of the Syrian Refugees in and out of formal education in Bursa and enrolling and training them in high and higher education by; setting up flexible procedures, streamlining the process for Refugees’ entrance to university; improving the Refugee students’ Turkish Language competences for university entrance and improving the skills of the high school staff working with Refugees to support the pass of the refugees to the higher education. 40 students will be given the opportunity to take their B2 Turkish proficiency YÖS (University Entrance Exam for Foreign Students) preparation courses which will provide them with the necessary knowledge to enter universities.

Through the process and activities of familiarizing the schools’ staff on the refugees’ pass to the higher education and YÖS exam will enable the refugee students at high schools to receive a better knowledge on higher education opportunities and how to access which is expected to end up with approximately 750 students enrolled in higher education.


The project also aims to reach more students by preparing documents to guide the refugees out of formal education on the steps to higher education and its effect on employability, which is expected to raise the applications to the universities and the enrollment rate in obligatory education.


Duration of the Project: 13 months


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