Teacher Training for Technology: Opening Higher Education for Syrians Through Improved Teacher Knowledge

Teacher Training for Technology: Opening Higher Education for Syrians Through Improved Teacher Knowledge

Implementing organisation: Safwa

This project fills a critical market gap in the preparation of local educators to integrate education technology into the classroom and is a collaboration of EDaura (an education technology provider) and Safwa (a local educational technology training provider). This project will result in the creation and delivery of online-offline education technology training for teachers, NGO education volunteers, and parents who work with youth—in traditional or non-traditional education settings. Following training, these teachers will be well-prepared to effectively select and integrate appropriate education technologies into their classrooms, resulting in graduates who are better prepared for university research-driven study and the labor market


Key Activities of the project

1.Safwa will formalize its pilot teacher training curriculum into online and face-to-face packages.

2. These packages will be distributed through the EDaura platform, leveraging both companies’ outreach to teachers, education leaders, NGOs, and non-traditional education providers.

3.In-person train-the-trainer sessions will be provided by Safwa to a pilot set of teachers, this training is meant to overcome the initial obstacle of delivering content to enhance technology education through a purely technical channel.

4.The pilot group of teachers will then complete Safwa’s teacher training program through the online EDaura platform. EDaura will offer a peer-to-peer learning space in order for educators to share their own experiences with learning through technology.

5.The initial set of teachers will be empowered to improve educational outcomes in their teaching environments.

Duration of the project: 12 months


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