Science Education: A Key to University Access for Refugee Girls

Science Education: A Key to University Access for Refugee Girls

The American University of Beirut

The American University of Beirut in collaboration with Kayany Foundation aims to strengthen the pipeline to Higher Education for Syrian refugees (ages 14-25, 90% female) through establishing science labs in two all-girls Ghata schools operating in Informal Tented Settlements, teaching Lebanese science curriculum tailored to the students’ needs, and providing capacity-building to science educators in public institutions and refugee-serving educational NGOs. This project will:

  • Enhance the science and critical thinking components of AUB’s blended college-readiness program for 50 Syrian refugee high school graduates (ages 18-25) hosted in the Ghata schools.
  • Provide accredited science education and support success in official exams that are prerequisites in the pathway to HE for 300 Syrian refugee girls (ages 14-20).
  • Improve the capacity of 50 tertiary, secondary, and intermediate science educators to teach Syrian refugees.
  • Enable the Ghata schools to maintain MEHE accreditation, thus keeping refugee girls who otherwise could not access schooling in the pipeline to HE.

Duration of the project: 14 months


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