Rise: Refugees Independence, Self-Employment and Education

Rise: Refugees Independence, Self-Employment and Education

Gozour Foundation for Development - Egypt

The project targets a total number of 200 Syrian and Egyptian students residing in Egypt, that will receive the 3 educational packages to enhance their skills and increase their chances to entering the labor market. The students will be encouraged to join other higher education programs and training courses through e-learning.

The project provides vocational and entrepreneurship training opportunities for Syrian students residing in Egypt and Egyptian youth to facilitate their learning experiences and prepare them for entering the Egyptian job market.

1) Technical and vocational training: Beneficiaries will complete trainings in hairdressing, computer maintenance, computer networks installation, Photoshop and design, mobile repair and maintenance;

2) IT and English language courses tailored for business use (i.e. sales, marketing, admin work and online sales), with special focus on key computer skills, effective Internet use, navigation and the most common software in use;

 3) Entrepreneurship training and life-skills: Youth interested in setting up their businesses upon graduation will be supported with skills.  At the end of the training, each beneficiary will receive a tool-kit to start his/her micro project and become self-reliant. The project will be implemented in partnerships with community-based organizations (CBOs) working with Syrian refugees, who will receive capacity building training.

Duration of the project: 18 months


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