“RAHAL” An Initiative to Develop the skills of the Syrian artistic scene

“RAHAL” An Initiative to Develop the skills of the Syrian artistic scene

Implementing organisation: Ettijahat-Independent Culture

RAHAL will provide an educational programme to Syrian artists and cultural managers who live in Syria, in the region and in Europe both on the ground and online. Overall objective: “Rahal” aims at responding to the current needs of the Syrian cultural sector today and meeting the urgent needs that have started to cause dangers and threats among Syrian youth.

Specific Objectives:

– Developing the skills of a 10 new generation of Syrian artists in all

forms of artistic expression and creating channels of communication between 10 newer and 10

the older generations of artists and enhancing the opportunities of the Syrian cultural sector to grow

in a sustainable manner outside the emergency framework

Expected Results:

This initiative will develop new collaborations between artists from Syria, the region and Europe, increase education opportunities and professional perspectives for Syrian artists and strengthen the Syrian arts and culture sector as a whole. 9 promising artists from Syria, the region has the opportunity to complete their knowledge, develop their artistic skills and pursue their academic studies. 5 universities have an appreciation for the artists coming from Syria and have begun dealing with them as artists rather than refugees, and hence they defy stereotyping. Ettijahat has designed and tested an innovative educational art model that responds to an essential part of the needs of the Syrian cultural sector in an effective way that can be replicable by Ettijahat and other institutions.

Duration of the project: 12 months


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