Qualifying Syrian Youth to Enter Higher Education

Qualifying Syrian Youth to Enter Higher Education

WATAN Foundation

The project aims to support 40 Syrian youngsters (20 males and 20 females) in improving their key and transversal competencies in language and IT field in order to continue their education at university level and afterworlds to increase their chances of integration in the Turkish labour market. Through its goal, the proposal responds to the call objectives by increasing the number of refugees who are trained to access higher education programmes, to enhance the capacity of WATAN in developing educational projects at higher educational level and to empower young people in creating their own career path. 

Through the project, 3 types of courses will be offered: Turkish language, English language and IT. These courses will support the students to continue their education in the Turkish/foreign universities and to increase their chances in obtaining a job in the local or international market.

Duration of the project: 9 months


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