Psycho social support services for Syrian refugee students in Erbil

Psychosocial support services for Syrian refugee students in Erbil

Implementing organisation: Hawler Medical University

The project aims at establishing a psychological support center at Hawler Medical University with the help of a team of experts and specialist academics in psychiatric and social sciences. The center will provide psychosocial services to the Syrian refugee students in the different universities in Erbil city and students from the host community. Any students facing a psychological or social problem related to the displacement, trauma, or difficulties in integration in the new educational environment can visit the center for received care and advice. the center will provide services during the project life, and it will become sustainable center the future to continue providing these important services even after the completion of the project.



  1. Provision of psychosocial awareness and education services for the Syrian refugee students and the ost community
  2. Assessment of the psychological state and needs of the students
  3. Diagnosing psychiatric disorders and treatment of psychiatric disorders.
  4. The shortage of specific and special centers in the Kurdistan makes most of the students not able to deal with their psychological and social problem. Hence, the center will fill the gap and will provide the required services by a team of specialists and academics.


Duration of the project: 12 months


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