Providing Fundamental ICT Skills for Syrian Refugees (PFISR) – Jordan

Providing Fundamental ICT Skills for Syrian Refugees (PFISR)

Yarmouk University - Jordan

PFISR aims to provide Syrian refugees with the fundamental ICT skills that paves the way to pursue ICT-related degrees in higher education (HE), to receive internationally accredited professional certificates, and to establish their own small businesses. PFISR implements a set of three tailor-made training courses: computer networks, computer maintenance, and web design. These introductory courses were carefully selected to provide a wide spectrum of skills that help Syrian refugees excel inside and outside traditional HE learning paradigms.

These courses are designed to encourage collaborations among Syrian refugees, the teaching staff, and members of the host community inside and outside classes. Additionally, all courses materials will be provided to all targeted groups through a bilingual website that helps deliver the designed materials beyond the planned duration of the project. Special condensed set of training-of-trainers (ToT) courses will also be given to enrolled students to further improve the sustainability of the project.

Duration of the project: 18 months


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