Empowering Syrian Undergraduates to Join MicroMasters Programs (SYMPRO): Toward Career-Focused and Affordable Graduate Studies

Empowering Syrian Undergraduates to Join MicroMasters Programs (SYMPRO): Toward Career-Focused and Affordable Graduate Studies

Yarmouk University - Jordan

The project aims at empowering Syrian and the vulnerable undergraduate students in Jordan to join MicroMasters programs. The MicroMasters programs are new graduate-level certificate programs that are offered online by some universities in collaboration with MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platforms such as EDX. Such programs are designed to be career focused as they are validated by top companies. In addition, the MicroMasters credential equals 25-50 percent of a Master’s degree – 20-30 ECTS in Europe. They are also affordable, short, and flexible. The project will target the Syrian students enrolled in the Information Technology undergraduate programs at Jordanian universities which includes students from the refugee camps in Jordan and other Northern cities that host Syrian refugees. It also targets Jordanian students in the communities that are directly affected by the flux of Syrian refugees.

The project aims at achieving several objectives:

  1. Enhancing the academic and technical skills of the Syrian students who are enrolled in the undergraduate programs, especially, in the areas of Data analytics and Information security.
  2. Increasing employment opportunities for Syrian undergraduates by bridging the knowledge gap between higher education and the workplace and offering content and credentials in the most in-demand fields.
  3. Increasing access to high-quality master level education in a flexible, innovative and affordable way.
  4. Raise awareness and support of MicroMasters programs in communities that host Syrian refugees
  5. The inclusion of refugees in the community, the refugees who attend this project will become part of Jordan social community, surrounded by professional instructors and mentors.
  6. Increasing Syrian students’ access to online-graduate level (MOOCs) resources

Duration of the project: 12 months


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